What’s Happening In Williamson County – Jefferson Family Massage

What’s Happening In Williamson County – Jefferson Family Massage

– Hey friends it’s Corey Fager with Nashville Homes Etc. I am here with Paul Jefferson with Jefferson Family Massage, AKA, the Human Foam Roller.

– That’s what his inner circle calls him. But anyway we are at Paul’s office right now in Brentwood. And Paul is a massage therapist. So Paul I just wanted to ask you about; PJ, I wanted to ask you about your business. I know that there’s a lot of massage places all over the area here. Some of them do relaxation, some of them do sports. What is it exactly that you do? Who’s the client that you serve?

– Wow, that’s a good question. I serve everyone. Anyone who wants to get worked on. They can come here feel comfortable getting a massage. I do deep tissue, trigger point therapy, prenatal, sports massage, cupping therapy, graston. I do it all. The best part of my business is I can travel to you. I can come to you to your home. I can come to your office. Or you can just come to me on Saturdays and Sundays.

– Cool, so you’re set up shop in Brentwood here. But nobody has an excuse now that they work too much or they can’t leave their house. Because you go to them. Okay, so you said corporate. So that means you go to corporate offices and you do that. So that sounds like a great idea for a company that a bunch of employees. Forget buying your employees’ lunch, switch it up one time and have PJ come to your office and do massages for lunch break. They will love you for that. Okay, so I’ve heard some people say they have a preference on gender, if they have a woman massaging them or a man massaging them. What do you do about that?

– Well typically I always ask my clients if a male is okay. But a good thing is that I just hired a female therapist and her name is Kelly Hahn. So she will be in the office every other weekend that I am not here. So this weekend Kelly will be here in Brentwood, off of Ward Circle. So if you guys prefer a female, I got you guys covered.

– Cool, all right and you’ve been in business how long?

– For about 10-12 years now.

– All right, so nobody stays in the business that long unless they got a great reputation and I’m assuming you’re getting some good reviews. Is there somewhere people can go online, like Facebook or Yelp or anything just to see what other people are saying about what you’ve done?

– Oh yeah, so if you go on Facebook.com/humanfoamroller, you’ll be directed to my page or you can just go to my website. It’s JeffersonFamilyMassage.com/review and you’ll see all the reviews there.

– Cool, I think I’m buying a gift card after we get done here. Guys, this is Paul Jefferson with Jefferson Family Massage. Corey Fager, Nashville Homes Etc. Love where you live, thanks Paul.

– Thank you guys.

– See ya. All right I’m just gonna back up here so people can see how much taller you actually, no, no, no.

What’s Happening In Williamson County – Jefferson Family Massage

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