Is My Nashville House Really Worth What Zillow Says Its Worth? Video

Is My Nashville House Really Worth What Zillow Says Its Worth?- Call 615-905-0039 – Nashville Homes ETC is a local, family owned company located in Franklin, TN. Family is the foundation of every home so we put our family in our name: “ETC” stands for Everett, Tara, Corey. We have over 20 years of experience in the real estate world: from public relations for a large real estate firm, to mortgage broker, title company, construction and property renovation, real estate investment, and property rental – Nashville Homes ETC has truly seen and done it all. In a market as hot as Nashville, how do you choose the right real estate agent to sell your house or help you find the perfect house? What should you look for in an agent? The number one answer we hear from our clients is Trust. Trust that you’ll be guided to make good decisions — trust that you’re getting the whole story — trust that your agent will do what they said they will do. How do you know you can trust your agent? Their reputation and their track record. There are plenty of agents who “decided to do real estate because the market is hot” and then there are those who are real estate agents for life, committed to giving their clients a top tier experience in the largest purchase or sale of their lives. Buying Houses Nashville is committed to giving you a true and honest experience. WE WILL ALWAYS TELL YOU THE TRUTH, EVEN WHEN IT’S NOT GOOD NEWS.


Is My Nashville House Really Worth What Zillow Says Its Worth? In addition to giving sellers and buyers a smooth transition from one house to another, Nashville Homes ETC has personally bought and sold more 50 properties of our own. What does that mean for you? It means we’ve seen a lot of different scenarios & made a lot of mistakes over the years; mistakes that we’ve learned from so you can avoid them. For instance, do you know the precise numbers of price per square foot in your neighborhood & how to compare & price the number of bathrooms, upgrades? How to make sure you don’t have issues with the appraisal once you receive an offer? Do you know how to be preemptive with the buyer’s inspection& realistic on what needs to be repaired? There are thousands of dollars and time on the line & the answers to these questions are the value we provide…like helping you maneuver around all the potholes on Nashville roads with busting an axle or running off the road. It’s kind of like doing a workout; no one wants to do it at first but once you’re done, you’re so glad you did it. Since we’re talking about comparisons, choosing the wrong agent (like a discount agent) is like eating a huge piece of cake and 3 scoops of ice cream; it tastes great at first but you always regret it after you’re done! When Is The Best Time To Sell Your House in Nashville? – Call 615-905-0039 –

Is My Nashville House Really Worth What Zillow Says Its Worth?
Video Transcription

Corey: Hey friends, it’s Corey with Nashville Homes, ETC.

Today, we are talking about Zillow! Yes, Zillow. Everybody loves hopping on that little app, Zillow. But is that information actually accurate? So, Tara and I just logged into our Zillow account. We haven’t used it in a while, just to see if it had up-to-date information. We found out that Zillow had not even tracked 40 of the last 50 sales that we’ve done. How is that possible, that an app like Zillow misses 40 sales? I don’t know how it’s possible, so I just wanted to talk about Zillow and how their information is very, very inaccurate.

So, Is My Nashville House Really Worth What Zillow Says Its Worth? Zillow is a nationwide company, and they pull data from all these different sources. Some of it is somewhat accurate, but there’s gaps in their information. There’s no way there could be a nationwide database that has all the accurate information that tax records has, that the MLS has. There’s no way they could stay up to date with how many bedrooms and bathrooms are in every property. I’ll give you an example. We just sold a property, this one is in East Nashville. Zillow has it listed at a “zestimate” or an estimated value of about 215 thousand dollars. We just sold the property for 370 thousand dollars. It’s just a little bit off there.

I’ve got a meeting with a seller next week, and his “zestimate”, his estimate of his property … Zillow says it’s worth about 900 thousand dollars. His property is actually worth about 600 thousand dollars. So there’s a huge range in value on Zillow. Zillow is not something that can be used to just be a die-hard, accurate value of your property. It’s an okay tool just to gauge, but Zillow can be off by hundreds of thousands of dollars, low or high. So if you want to get an accurate value of your property, you need somebody local to look in your actual neighborhood for actual sales to show you how your property stacks up to other properties in your neighborhood.

Zillow is not going to be able to tell if you renovated your kitchen, your bathrooms, if you added a back patio, if you added a bathroom. It’s not going to know that information. It’s not going to know if your garage is falling apart and your roof is 40 years old, and it needs 40 thousand dollars in repair. Zillow just doesn’t have access to that information. If you want actual, accurate information, that’s what we do when we do a CMA, a Comparative Market Analysis where we compare your property, compare apples to apples and look at the actual price per foot of every property in your neighborhood so we can get a real, accurate value. That’s the value we bring.

So, Is My Nashville House Really Worth What Zillow Says Its Worth? It may be worth a lot more or a lot less.

That’s all. I’m done ranting on Zillow for today, guys. Have a good one.

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