Between Two Ficus – Nashville Homes ETC – Meet Home Loan Specialist Amanda Gilbert

If you like Between Two Ferns with Zack G., check out Between Two Ficus, our interview with Amanda Gilbert

Between Two Ficus – Nashville Homes ETC – Meet Home Loan Specialist Amanda Gilbert

– Yeah, yeah. They wouldn’t serve me a box of cigars at 7:30 in the morning. Hey everyone, Corey Fager at Nashville Homes Etc. I’m here with Amanda Gilbear?

– Hey Corey, it’s actually Gilbert but it’s really great to be on. Thank you so much for having me.

– So, what was your first date like in the sixth grade with Michael Watson when all of his friends made fun of you after you tried to kiss him?

– I’m not sure how you know, I’m not sure how you know that. But, next question I guess.

– Let’s talk about the movie The Big Short.

– Okay.

– The movie about the housing bubble and the global collapse of the economy.

– Okay.

– A lot of people think another recession is coming but who is the hottest, Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, Or Brad Pitt?

– I’m a loan officer, with Churchill Mortgage. I’m not, I don’t really see the connection. But if we could stay on topic. But you can run your show.

– I noticed that you have over 100 excellent reviews online. Is it possible that your mother has taken out 100 mortgages and given you all those reviews?

– I work really hard to provide a unique and fun experience in the mortgage industry. So I’m really proud of the service that I provide and give to my clients. So, no?

– So, you come from a nutritionist background and I’ve heard someone tell me that you force people to eat a kale salad while applying for a mortgage. Is that true?

– Okay, I don’t know where, I don’t know where you’re getting this information from. I can’t tell if you’re joking. I don’t force people to eat kale. Kale’s good for you. I don’t, I’m not sure–

– Okay, interest rates have been dropping and is it true that rates will soon be at zero and that you’re going to be paying me to take your money?

– I need to, can I call my manager? I don’t know how this happened, how I got here. I’m real–

– You told me

– I just

– She was gonna pay me to take her money. That’s what you told me.

– Okay well, he didn’t answer.

– Okay, I noticed that you have some tattoos. I also have a tattoo. It’s a frozen tattoo, from the movie that my son didn’t want. It came out of a cereal box. And if you want I have another one you can take to your tattoo artist. He can incorporate it into your next tattoo. If you want.

– Yes, yes I will. That is a very nice tattoo. Anna, Elsa and Olaf there. Yes yes, I will just say yes.

– All right, we’ll let that go. We’ll let it go. I heard that getting a pre-qual, a pre-qualification is as painful as a root canal or falling into an icy lake and getting hypothermia. How hard is it, really?

– Well, you start off the question great and then it takes a turn. So I’ll just run with it. It’s not hard at all. You can go to where you can fill out an application online. We can meet, we don’t have to. Just upload your pay stubs and W-2’s, typically stuff that’s pretty readily available. Again, I really do my best to make it fun for people trying to buy a house. So not hard is the answer to how hard.

– Amanda Gilbear.

– Gilbert!

– Gilbear. She’s french.

– Okay this is over.

Between Two Ficus – Nashville Homes ETC – Meet Home Loan Specialist Amanda Gilbert

Between Two Ficus - - Meet Amanda Gilbert
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