5 Tips For Single Parent Buying A Home In Nashville

Most home buyers today are either single individuals or couples, which can be explained by the fact that Millennials make up the largest share of the home buying market. Still, there are plenty of single parents buying homes today. The major difference is that single parents sometimes find it more difficult to buy a home … Continued

6 Tips for Military Families Relocating To the Nashville Area

Relocating can be an anxiety-filled, overwhelming undertaking for anyone who has to suffer through it. Often, though, it’s especially tough for military families and even has its own name: Permanent Change of Station (PCS). Military families typically have to relocate often, and the relocation is sometimes to the other side of the world. Because our … Continued

7 Ideas To Help Retirees Downsize In Nashville

Many people, when approaching retirement age, dream about selling their current too big home and buying a smaller one and then investing the money made on the salet to help fund their retirement. For many of these people, though, the reality turns out to be a little different because downsizing often doesn’t work out as … Continued

Tips For Buying and Selling Condos in Nashville

Buying and/or selling a condo is different from a single-family home transaction. The major differences lie in the fact that condos are part of a shared piece of property. Also, condo communities and HOAs come with some restrictions that must be taken into account. So whether you’re buying or selling for living or investment purposes, … Continued

3 Mistakes Experienced Home Buyers Make

3 Mistakes Experienced Home Buyers Make: – Have you made a mistake before? Hey friends, it’s Corey Fager with Nashville Homes ETC. Today, we’re talking about three mistakes that even experienced home buyers make. All right, number one, not getting perspective on their inspection report. Okay, so you’re buying a preowned house, and the inspection … Continued

What’s Happening In Williamson County – Jefferson Family Massage

What’s Happening In Williamson County – Jefferson Family Massage – Hey friends it’s Corey Fager with Nashville Homes Etc. I am here with Paul Jefferson with Jefferson Family Massage, AKA, the Human Foam Roller. – That’s what his inner circle calls him. But anyway we are at Paul’s office right now in Brentwood. And Paul … Continued

Tips For Buying and Selling Timeshares in Nashville

A timeshare is simply a vacation-property arrangement that allows you to share the cost of the property with other people, and in return, you get some guaranteed time at that vacation property. And as of the end of 2017, the timeshare industry was %9.6 billion industry. So it’s a huge industry, but still a mystery … Continued

Tips For Buying and Selling Commercial Real Estate in Nashville

There absolutely no doubt about it: investing in commercial real estate has made a lot of people a lot of money. But many others haven’t done nearly so well buying and selling commercial real estate, some even losing a substantial amount of money. For it’s a completely different ball game from buying and selling residential … Continued