New Listing 2673 Mossdale Drive Nashville   Are you ready for a pop of color in your life? Then you’ll wanna check out our new listing at 2673 Mossdale Drive in Nashville. Hey friends, it’s Corey Fager with Nashville Homes, etc. Let’s go take a look inside! This home has what everyone is looking for: … Continued

Tips For Buying and Selling Multi-Family Properties in Nashville

Buying and selling multi-family properties is considerably more complex than dealing with single-family homes. And that’s mostly because, typically, it involves a lot more people – the many tenants in the multi-family property. Add to that the financing and ROI challenges, and you can see that investing in multi-family properties is no small undertaking. To … Continued

Need an Agent? Here Are 4 Signs of A Great Agent In Nashville

Buying or selling a home is one of the largest financial transactions a person will experience ever. Hiring the wrong agent can lead to mistakes. Mistakes might cost you the home or tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Do you need an agent? Here are 4 signs of a great agent in Nashville. … Continued

Hosting an Open House? Here Are 3 Ways To Be Successful In Nashville

Many homebuyers use the internet to locate potential homes and often go through a neighborhood’s day of open houses before they contact their real estate agent. This makes the open house all the more important in the marketing process. Hosting an open house? Here are 3 ways to be successful in [market-city]. Research and Market … Continued

How To Decide Which Offer To Accept in Nashville

Getting multiple offers on your home is a good position to be in. It suggests the market favors sellers and your home has attractive qualities to different types of buyers. But is the offer for the most money the best offer? Not always. Here are some suggestions on how to decide which offer to accept … Continued