3 Mistakes Experienced Home Buyers Make

3 Mistakes Experienced Home Buyers Make:

– Have you made a mistake before? Hey friends, it’s Corey Fager with Nashville Homes ETC. Today, we’re talking about three mistakes that even experienced home buyers make. All right, number one, not getting perspective on their inspection report. Okay, so you’re buying a preowned house, and the inspection report comes back with some things that aren’t perfect. How do you know what is a big deal and what isn’t? Even experienced home buyers can get freaked out by a laundry list of so-called defects. How important is an anti-tip bracket on a range? How expensive is it gonna be to install GFI outlets in the kitchen? Should I be scared if there’s moisture in the crawl space? The short answer is talk to an expert. No, Uncle Billy Bob who sells insurance isn’t an expert, and Suzie Q in the cubicle next to you isn’t one either. Your realtor can help with some perspective, but an expert is usually a licensed contractor or an expert in your field, in that field. Okay, so number two is not getting accurate comps of the neighborhood or the area. A comp is a comparable property. So a lot of experienced buyers rely on Zillow or their gut feeling when choosing what to offer on a property. The truth is, our area is constantly changing, and we’re experiencing transition and changes every day. Prices are constantly changing. Make sure your realtor has pulled up those up-to-the-minute numbers so that you don’t overpay, or so you can stay competitive if you’re competing against other buyers in a multiple offer situation. All right, number three, not having urgency. I have seen more buyers than ever this year miss out on properties that they really, really wanted because they waited too long, and they didn’t pull the trigger. Don’t get me wrong, you need to be certain before you make an offer, but we’re still in a seller’s market, and just because the property has been sitting on the market for three weeks, doesn’t mean that it’s gonna be available tomorrow. So, here’s a good question to ask yourself. Would I be excited to get this house at X price, and two, will I regret it if I find out someone else had their offer accepted today? You wanna be certain before you make that offer. All right, those are three things that even experienced, three mistakes that even experienced home buyers make. Corey Fager, Nashville Homes ETC. Love where you live.


3 Mistakes Experienced Home Buyers Make

3 Mistakes Experienced Home Buyers Make - www.NashvilleHomesETC.com
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